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Client Profile: Sandra

Sandra's Story:

My name is Sandra and I work at Sky Ridge in the Admissions Department. I decided last year that I was going to change my life and my health. I have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

I topped out at 257 pounds. I had high blood pressure and didn't want to progress to diabetes next. Two of my aunts, who were diabetic, had to get their legs amputated and the dialysis treatments they were enduring scared me. I wasn't able to do much because of the pain in my knees, feet and back.

I decided that I was going to have weight loss surgery but wasn't sure which procedure was best for me. I spoke with my nutritionist, Kelly, and Dr. Chae. They helped me make up my mind to have gastric bypass. I am really happy that is the route I chose. In just six months, I have lost a total of 93 pounds and I feel great! I have noticed my knees, feet and back no longer hurt. I can walk longer and faster without being short of breath. I truly recommend anyone who is struggling with this much weight, to look into bariatric surgery. My health is great, my blood pressure is down and I feel like life is just wonderful!

Weight lost: 93 pounds.

Before Picture: 
Sandra before weight loss surgery.
After Picture: 
Sandra after weight loss surgery.



"I have lost 210 pounds since the start of my journey. What I liked so much about Dr. Chae is that he is a follow up guy, he makes sure that you understand everything about the procedure and that all your questions are answered."

Bryan N.
Denver, CO

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