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Gastric Plication Weight Loss Surgery

What is Gastric Plication?

Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication (LGCP) is an emerging procedure that offers a potentially less invasive alternative to other weight loss procedures. Early results show that it may have a potentially lower risk profile than other bariatric procedures.

What is LGCP?

  • In an LGCP procedure, the stomach is dissected on one side, which allows the surgeon to access both the front and back surfaces of the stomach
  • One side of the stomach is folded and fastened
  • The folds narrow and reduce the volume of the stomach
  • LGCP does not require removal of gastric tissue or permanent surgical alteration of the bowel



Based on early clinical data, some advantages of LGCP include:

  • Effective surgical weight loss at 12 months -- on average patients lose greater than 50% of their excess weight
  • Possibly fewer follow-up visits to your doctor, compared to patients with adjustable gastric band who must return to the doctor for band adjustments
  • Achieve effective weight loss by restricting the amount of food eaten. Procedure is not dependant upon malabsorption for effective weight loss.
  • Receiving the benefits of food restriction with: Potentially reduced risks of complications associated with a permanent gastric band implant and minimized possibility of leaks from staple lines


  • Early clinical results show that LGCP may have a potentially lower risk profile than other bariatric procedures. Immediately following an LGCP procedure, the most commonly observed issues were nausea and vomiting. Additional studies are needed to evaluate long-term outcomes. Talk with your doctor about other possible complications and risks.

Gastric Plication at the National Bariatric Center™ in Denver, Colorado

Gastric Plication is a new weight loss procedure performed at the National Bariatric Center™. Dr. Chae is one of the first providers capable of performing this new weight loss surgery in Colorado.

The National Bariatric Center™ at Sky Ridge is one of the few premiere surgical centers in Denver to earn the esteemed status of a "Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence", a recognition backed up by numerous testimonials from patients throughout the Colorado region who have undergone gastric plication or other weight loss surgery procedures.

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Free weight loss surgery seminars are available throughout the greater Denver, Colorado area on a monthly basis.  These relaxed informational seminars are for the benefit of our patients to learn more about procedures like gastric bypass. Dr. Chae and his friendly staff answer questions, discuss options, and provide information on the latest weight loss surgery news. Sign up is available online or by phone at 303-662-1191. Come join us and take your first step on the journey to a healthier you!

For those who are unable to attend a public seminar, free individual or group meetings with Bariatric specialist, Dr. Frank Chae, are available for those in the Denver and greater Colorado area, please call our friendly staff and we would be happy to assist you.

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The staff of the National Bariatric Center™ in Colorado work to inform patients. If you would like further information please send us an e-mail using our online form or telephone our Denver, Colorado office at 303-662-1191. Additionally, if you are in the Colorado area and would like a personal consultation, give us a call.

National Bariatric Center™: Denver, Colorado Location

The National Bariatric Center™ is located in the Rocky Mountain heartland of America at Sky Ridge Medical Center in beautiful Lone Tree, Colorado (southern metro Denver ).  Our state of the art medical center complex is situated next to highways I-25 and C-470 in the Littleton-Highlands Ranch region, and conveniently accessible to international airports in Denver and Colorado Springs . 

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