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Kristen's Story:

I have very heavy "genes" in my family, and could see that the direction I was headed would lead me to look similar to my grandfather's sisters, each weighing more than 300 pounds with multiple weight related issues like diabetes, joint pain and high blood pressure.

I had been a very active and aggressive athlete throughout my life, and played volleyball and soccer for more than 20 years. All that activity helped me maintain a healthy weight. I knew my body had a tendency to be heavy, but I had no idea what I would face in my thirties.

Kristen after weight loss surgery.

Kathy's Story:

When I lost my job of five years, I went back to school. After earning a BS in accounting I went on to get my MBA. Prior to finishing my MBA, I wanted to improve my health. I made the decision to have gastric bypass. I knew my body could not continue to maintain an extra 100 pounds for years to come. Family history showed heart attacks, diabetes, strokes, sleep apnea and joint problems. Unless I made some changes, my fate would be similar.

Kathy after weight loss surgery.

Kari's Story:

Struggling for the majority of my life with weight issues, I remember starting my first diet around age 11. I've spent an enormous amount of time and energy on a variety of weight loss programs only to fail, each time putting more and more weight back on. Then, about six years ago, I damaged several discs in my lower back causing me tremendous pain.

Kari after weight loss surgery.

Joy's Story:

I am a 57-year-old wife, mother and grandmother. I was active in high school and never had a weight problem until I got married at 18 and was alone a lot while my husband was deployed overseas. When he was home, I wanted to impress him with my cooking abilities but ended up eating most of it myself. I have battled with my weight ever since. I have even managed to lose 100 pounds -TWICE! My challenge was keeping it OFF!

Joy after weight loss surgery.

Joann's Story:

Obesity runs in my family. So I thought it was normal to be a big person until I began going to school. I was teased a lot throughout my school years. I turned to drugs when I was a teenager and when I was sixteen found recovery. Staying clean involved a lot of work. So, for a very long time, I accepted myself for who I was.

Joann after weight loss surgery.

Jo Ann's Story:

The day I met Dr. Frank Chae, I topped the scales at 291 pounds and my weight was increasing – it was completely out of control. I required oxygen 24-hours a day, seven-days a week. I took medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and severe back and joint problems.

As a member of Weight Watchers, the most weight I ever lost was 11 pounds. Losing weight was a losing battle. What could I do to improve myself and my health?

Jo Ann after weight loss surgery.

Jo Ann's Story:

I had gastric bypass surgery on March 24, 2008 and have lost 153 pounds. This is my second "Pants Across Sky Ridge" event and I'm thrilled to say it's the first of many to come at my goal weight!

Jo Ann after weight loss surgery.

Janice's Story:

My gastric bypass surgery was January 16, 2006. I've reached my five-year mark and am so grateful for how this surgery has impacted my life. It freed me to return to a lifestyle of exercise and good health I so much enjoyed. Although I've experienced complications since my surgery, I would go through it all again. It was worth every struggle and hardship because I know that my God takes my misery and creates a ministry. He makes me beautiful with all of my experiences!

Janice after weight loss surgery.

Jana's Story:

My name is Jana; it rhymes with banana. I've been called much worse in my life and sometimes I deserved it. I'm 44, been married for almost 13 years to a great guy and we have a beautiful daughter, Emily.

Jana after weight loss surgery.

Alice's Story:

I have battled weight for most of my life. Even as a child I had a very hard time keeping it under control. After I had my children it became nearly impossible to take off weight, but very easy to put it on. I owned nearly every piece of exercise equipment sold on television and tried all the high profile diets and still nothing worked.

Alice after weight loss surgery.



"I have lost 210 pounds since the start of my journey. What I liked so much about Dr. Chae is that he is a follow up guy, he makes sure that you understand everything about the procedure and that all your questions are answered."

Bryan N.
Denver, CO

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