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Weight Loss Surgery Options

Currently there are three basic approaches that weight loss surgery takes to achieve change:

  1. Restrictive procedures that decrease food intake.
  2. Malabsorptive procedures that alter digestion, thus causing the food to be poorly digested and incompletely absorbed so that it is eliminated in the stool.
  3. Neuoregulation Therapy that involves controling the impulses sent along the vegas nerve. The vagus nerves play a significant role in food processing and in signaling the feeling of fullness and in prolonging the absence of hunger through nervous control.

In many cases modern weight loss surgery can be performed laparoscopically or robotically, thereby reducing risk, complications, and recovery time.

The National Bariatric Center evaluates each individual's health history and background to determine which weight loss surgery procedure will have the best likely outcome for the patient. Once a surgical procedure is decided upon, a unique patient plan can be established that will include diet, excercise, surgical procedure, and other care. This unique patient centered focus comes from Dr. Chae's 15 years of experience in the field of weight loss surgery and ultimately results on better outcomes and results for his patients.

Restrictive Procedures

Malabsorpative Procedures

Neuoregulation Therapy

Learn more about these options and meet the staff of the National Bariatric Center at one of our FREE Informational Seminars!

Learn more about the weight loss surgery options available at a free seminar!



"I have lost 210 pounds since the start of my journey. What I liked so much about Dr. Chae is that he is a follow up guy, he makes sure that you understand everything about the procedure and that all your questions are answered."

Bryan N.
Denver, CO

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